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. Created by Marilyn Miglin for the woman who makes life an adventure. FM 431 Fragrance for her by Federico Mahora is featured in FM’s Pure collection and Pheromone collection and comes in bottles of 50ml.

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Luxurious Body Moisture Lotion 4.

Perfect for waking you up in the morning with its strong coffee note, you’ll wear it for all kinds of occasions when you want to leave a memory behind. This fragrance quickly becomes your own.

Kota Bandung (20) Terjual 49. A sexy fragrance to attract men and enhance your confidence with extra strength human pheromones formula - 50 ml Eau de Parfum Visit the EOL EYE OF LOVE Store 3.

FM 110 is brash, yet rebellious, with light refreshing head notes of cardamom, lavender, and bergamot.
Dan Zat tersebut dinamakan Pheromone.
Heart notes of lily of the valley.


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with love! The perfume is a blend of 179 natural and rare ingredients discovered on ancient papyrus by Marilyn while on an academic excavation in Egypt. . . This fragrance quickly becomes your own. . .

PARFUME PHEROMONE GM Parfume pheromone bukan sekedar parfum biasa, karena didalamnya mengandung senyawa ETER & UIE (universe, induksi, energy).

₱799. Kota Bandung (20) Terjual 49.


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Excitement, romance and attraction only begin to describe the response Pheromone® evokes from those around you.